Defending the Real Estate Rights of Residential Clients

At Cooper Legal Firm PC, we are dedicated to ensuring the legality of your real estate transactions. Our team of lawyers offers various services to make sure your interests are protected.

Purchase and Sale Transactions

We assist buyers and sellers in negotiating and finalizing the terms of a real estate transaction. Our attorneys are skilled in reviewing and drafting your contracts. We can also help you understand your rights and obligations under the law.


Mortgage Refinance

If you are looking to refinance your mortgage, we can help you understand the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Title Review and Clearance

Before a real estate transaction can be completed, it is important to ensure your property title is clear and free of any liens or encumbrances. Our attorneys can review it for you and help resolve any issues that may arise.

Partition and Quiet Title Disputes

If you own a piece of property which has contested ownership issues or that you want to sell while other heirs don’t, we understand your rights and can represent you on negotiations or legal proceedings.

Title Curative

If you have encroachments, need a joint driveway agreement, have easement issues or have other real property issues that need resolved, we can assist.

Learn More About What We Do

Do you have any questions about our services for real estate cases? Get in touch with us today for more details. We will gladly walk you through our legal solutions.