Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate Agreements

Protect your commercial real estate investments by partnering with Cooper Legal Firm PC. Our team of attorneys has the skills and expertise to defend your rights in transactions and agreements.

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating and finalizing the terms of commercial real estate transactions from land development and zoning to multifamily and special types of investments and property including 1031s, 721s, and 501 securities and joint venture transactions.. We can help you understand your rights and obligations under the law.

Our team can also ensure the terms of the transaction are favorable to your business.

Development and Construction

If you are planning a new development or construction project, financing, refinancing, recapitalization, acquisition of existing property, merger or vehicle change, our attorneys can help you navigate the legal complexities involved. We can assist with land use and zoning issues, contract review, and other matters related to the development process.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in assisting businesses and investors with the financing of commercial real estate projects. We can help you understand the various options available and work with you to secure the best possible terms.


If a commercial real estate dispute arises, our attorneys are prepared to represent you in negotiations or legal proceedings. We have a track record of success in resolving disputes through negotiation and mediation.

We are also prepared to take cases to trial if necessary.

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